Sustainable Strategies
"Doing Well by Doing Good"
Bringing an End to World Hunger Through
Unimaginable Blessings

Today, millions of people who were once hungry will be
nourished by milk, eggs and fresh vegetables.  
Families who for generations knew only poverty will be
building new homes and starting businesses.  
Children who once headed out to the fields to do
backbreaking work will be heading into schoolrooms to
learn to read.  And people who never thought they’d be
in a position to help someone else will be experiencing
the joy of charitable giving.  How is this possible?

Heifer’s proven approach – almost 60 years in the
making – to helping people obtain a sustainable source
of food and income.  Learn More About
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Think about it - if real change is to happen in the world, it must come through business.  
Businesses not only have the money, the talent, the technology and the innovative solutions
needed to address every single environmental, social and economic need, but there's also
something in it for them.  They can benefit and "do well by doing good".  

Sustainable strategies not only raise profits in socially and environmentally responsible
ways, they also build leadership and organizational capabilities, enhance brand image and
loyalty and create cultures of engagement that attract and retain top talent.

We work with clients to help them identify ways to build sustainability and social
responsibility into their business strategy.  Beyond compliance, beyond philanthropy and
beyond being "less unsustainable" -  this is about making money, saving money, creating
new products and services, entering new markets and inspiring innovation.

Organizations can miss opportunities and put themselves at risk of falling behind the
competition if they don't consider the Triple Bottom Line imperative of People, Profit and
Purpose.  Companies that do this well change the rules of the game.  They are incorporating
the most leading-edge business strategies of today and for decades to come.  Reactivity and
complacency won't cut it - leaders must find and seize opportunities.  

Many think that adopting sustainable practices equates to increasing expenses.  On the
contrary, this isn't an either-or equation - it's "and".  Being profitable and sustainable are
complementary - and necessary.  Sustainability is something that must be integrated
throughout an organization's strategy, practices and culture.  There is not a "business
strategy" and a "sustainability strategy".  Let's look at some examples.

Wal-Mart has set goals for using 100% renewable energy and having zero waste.  They sell
their recyclable trash and have saved more than $25 million in fuel costs by putting auxiliary
power units in their trucks.  They are also "right-sizing" their packaging.  In one test-case of
350 private label items, the company saved 3,425 tons of corrugated materials, 5,190
harvested trees, 1,358 barrels of oil and $3,540,000 in transportation costs.  Now that's
doing well by doing good!

Aveda's entire business is built on sustainable practices.   They use only organic, plant-based
products in their cosmetic products.  Working with people in decimated forest regions of the
Amazon, Aveda has helped locals to regenerate the land and earn an income by farming and
harvesting sustainable plants for use in cosmetic products.  Their mission extends to their
corporate culture where employees are empowered and engaged in all aspects of the

In June 2004, over 400 CEOs and other leaders attended the first Global Compact at the
United Nations.  Then Secretary-General Kofi Annan, opened by saying "This is the largest
and highest-level gathering of leaders from business, labor and civil society ever held at the
United Nations".   Thousands of ideas were generated and implemented by organizations
around the world to "do well by doing good."  

Let us work with you to create a vision and plan for a future that unleashes the talent and
assets of your organization to explore unprecedented innovation and opportunities.  

Do well by doing good!  
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