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Sustainable Strategies

Every day 137 species
become extinct.  
Organizations that fail to
rethink "business as usual"
risk the same fate.  The state
of our economy, our planet
and our societies are sending
a clear message that the
traditional business model of
the past is unsustainable.  

The age of denial has come to
a sharp halt.  While there is
always risk in changing
direction, the risk of not
changing is even greater.  

Learn why paying attention
to the Triple Bottom Line -
People Profit and Purpose is
the most important business
strategy for today and
decades to come.  

Find out more by clicking on
the "Sustainable Strategies"
link above.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Several years ago, Boake and
Carol Moore decided to do
something to help
impoverished and homeless
children in the U.S. and in
other countries.  So, they
launched Mission Grounds, a
"coffee company with a
purpose."  All of the
company's profits are
donated. During the past
three years, proceeds have
funded orphanages and
schools in Russia, Africa,
China and in several U.S.
cities.  They are in the
process of building a fourth
school in China with twelve
more planned, and an
orphanage in Venezuela that
will eventually house
hundreds of homeless
children.  Read this story and
find out how you can help by
purchasing wonderful coffee
for your organization while
providing homes and
education for children around
the world.  Learn more at  

Do you have a story of
"Doing Well by Doing
Good"?  If so, send it to us!
Our Approach

With the realization that one tends to get what one
focuses on, we believe in using positive, strength-based
approaches to change, rather than the traditional deficit-
based methods that emphasize problems and issues.  By
building on successes, values and strengths, we unleash
the collective creativity and commitment of people to
imagine never before thought of possibilities, and turn
them into reality.  Our approach is built on positive
principles and methods such as Appreciative Inquiry.  
out why Appreciative Inquiry is known as ““Change at the
Speed of Imagination”.  

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has
genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe
Library of Articles and Publications written by Diana

Six Steps to Diagnose Your Organization
Prescription without diagnosis is called malpractice in the
medical field. So why do organizations often take action
before they understand the underlying issues?

Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
Companies today realize that employees want more than
competitive pay and benefits; they also want to be
recognized and appreciated for their work.

Service Excellence  
What can a hospital learn from a hotel?  Plenty!

Teaming Up to Solve Problems Fast  
"Work it Out", "Fast Track Decision Making"; whatever it's
called, it's a process where groups of managers and
employees come together to solve specific business

Are You Setting Your Employees Up to Fail?
When employees aren't performing as expected,
managers often cite various reasons such as a lack of
understanding, talent or ambition.  But is the manager
also partly to blame?

Creating a Winning Culture
Does corporate culture have an impact on the success of
an organization?

Giving Back Win Win for Organizations and Communities
A volunteer for the Education and Assistance Corporation
recently shared an experience of shopping with a 12-year
old girl at Wal-Mart during the holidays to help her select
Christmas gifts with funds donated by EAC.

Selecting the Best
Selecting the best person to fill a job is identified as the
key issue by hiring managers in all types of businesses.

Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Business Results
Culture has often been perceived as the "soft" part of a
business, but the culture of an organization has a very
definite impact on its business results and its ability to
successfully sustain itself for the future.

Tips for Managing Effective Meetings
I often hear people say that they spend so much time in
meetings that they don't get their "real" work done.

Goal Alignment Turning Strategy into Results
The New Year is upon us with new opportunities and
challenges; all you have to do is achieve them - a
challenge for small and large companies alike.