Organizational Strategy & Vision
  •   Facilitate strategic planning
  •   Create mission, vision and values
  •   Manage integration for mergers, acquisitions & partnerships
  •   Conduct energizing leadership retreats
  •   Organizational Change & Transformation
  •   Build high-performing cultures
  •   Facilitate re-engineering and restructuring initiatives
  •   Design dynamic organizations
  •   Develop leaders and agents of change
  •   Transform the Human Resource function
  •   Create internal communication strategies and materials
  •    Enable high-impact process improvement
  •   Enhance customer service
  •   Build high levels of quality

Capacity Building
  •   Develop human resource and workforce strategies
  •   Design mentoring programs
  •   Promote innovation and creativity
  •   Enhance employee engagement and retention
  •   Foster team effectiveness
  •   Enabling knowledge sharing and organizational learning

Community & Social Change
  •    Enhance corporate social responsibility
  •    Promote community leadership & collaboration
  •    Build community capacity
  •   Maximize not-for-profit effectiveness

Positive change is a journey based on strengths and successes.  It is a discovery of what works well, is
valued and is possible in order to energize and mobilize the organization toward rapid achievement of
Find out more about this whole-system, positive approach to change…..     

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